The “Last Days”

Ever wondered about the book of Revelation, the 7 seals, the 7 trumpets, or the 7 judgments? What about the “rapture” of the Church, the tribulation period and the Antichrist? “The Last Days of America” explores the chronology of the Book of Revelation and where these scriptural events occur. This book presents a new understanding of biblical endtime events departing from the traditional erroneous teaching about concepts like a “pre-tribulation rapture.” To learn more about this book CLICK HERE!

Quality Bug-Out Bags

Quality Bug-Out Bags (QBOB) is a non-profit Christian organization specializing in providing products for believers to help them prepare for the coming bad times outlined in the prophetic writings of the book of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah and others. Preparations should be made by believers because God has prophesied that the suffering that would overtake the world in the ‘last days’ would be unlike anything ever seen. To learn more about these type of survival products and how to obtain them visit CLICK HERE!

The “Rapture”

The “rapture” of the church is probably one of the most talked about subjects in biblical prophecy, at least in certain circles. There are several theories that are often talked about with the discussion of the rapture. They are the pre-tribulaiton rapture, mid-tribulation rapture and the post-tribulation rapture. Then, of course, there is the amillennial view relating to biblical eschatology which states there is no 1000 year millennial reign of Yashuah (Jesus) in the future thereby eliminating the possibility of a rapture. For more information CLICK HERE!